Knowledge is power.
Read the story and do the tasks
What will you do in summer?
Dear 9th grade students,
Recently you have graduated 9th grade and received basic secondary education certificates. It means that you are able to develop your learning strategies yourselves and ready to perform tasks independently.
So please prepare for senior high school entrance both mentally and physically. It means be prepared to the new school year.
I suggest you the following:
  • Find books and handouts from 11th grade graduates for general entrance exam preparation.
  • Get textbooks that will be learned for 10th grade.
  • Bring a vase of flowers and plants for your classroom decoration and comfort.
  • Get...

How to prepare for General Entrance Exams.

Ангилал: useful information

How to practice?

Lately a lot of theoretical grammar and practice test books as well as handouts have been published. However, you will agree that there is a lack of orderliness in complex test books, especially in those for students individually preparing for the General English Examination to enter university.

Last three years I have been using the book Англи хэлний сорилго by S.Chimed, D. Zoljargal. This book is designed for students who are preparing for the concourse test. The book follows a format based on the actual tasks of the yearly General English Entrance Testing materials from the...

English pronunciation
11g class students
Dear graduate elective class students,

We are English teachers really rely on your presentation in pairs. Please, be on time and really masters as you are leading students of 84th school.
 Please use many interesting links, facts, pictures, and videos and other multimedia sources.

Be responsible. We are looking forward for your presentation.

For 9g class students

Ангилал: open and dare to do it.

You are about demonstrate you have learned and who you are8 what you can do with yous English.
So we have planned to prepare portfolios for given topics which are familiar to us.
Each of you given a topic.
What should you include in your
        1. Topic and catalogue what you have included in it.
        2.  Vocabulary related with the topic
        3. What grammar points will be covered
        4. What illustrations will be used to demonstrate the topic? They can be pictures, cards, crosswords, texts, etc.
        5. How do check understanding your topic?
        6. Write reflection how did you work on the topi...

Advice how to learn and plan our work

Ангилал: useful information

Dear our students,

It often happens that we feel annoyed and bored with huge homework and assignments at school. Some students just do not know from what they should start and how get to managed with them. So they just quit them even though they feel disgusting.
Are there any other ideas to deal with the homework?
Of course, there are some ways to do them on time not cheating from others. You know how bad is to cheat from others. So, let's read the following advice and try together to get through the difficulties we face.

  • Arrange your homework from most difficult to easier one. Then you should cho...

Be specific
Нello, dear students!
It is coming a very responsible moment that we will demonstrate our learned skills in the past and recent year.
I really want you to do your best in it.
You should think over how you can be specific and creative doing your portfolio really crazy and cooooool as well.
Be imaginative and thoughtful as well.

how to ask questions in English

Learning is our sputnik.

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. Read the story and do the tasks
. What will you do in summer?
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