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How to prepare for General Entrance Exams.

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How to practice?

Lately a lot of theoretical grammar and practice test books as well as handouts have been published. However, you will agree that there is a lack of orderliness in complex test books, especially in those for students individually preparing for the General English Examination to enter university.

Last three years I have been using the book Англи хэлний сорилго by S.Chimed, D. Zoljargal. This book is designed for students who are preparing for the concourse test. The book follows a format based on the actual tasks of the yearly General English Entrance Testing materials from the Educational Evaluation Center. 

Although the exercises in this book are primarily intended for intermediate-level students, as often as possible the exercises are similar in difficulty to actual concourse test questions. In addition, there is a very concise theoretical explanation of each content before the certain task. Besides there are also full-length practice yearly entrance exam  materials from the Educational Evaluation Center at the end of the book. This will give students insight into how they are coping with the time limitations of the actual concourse test. It will also provide the students with a simulation of real testing by allowing them to feel what it is like to do so many questions at a single sitting.  In the conclusion, I’d like you teachers to pay more attention on the following:

Make sure that your students are aware and purposeful to pass the exam well because it will affect their future job. Explain to them how it works and talk about previous graduate students’ progress.Save copies of newspapers where universities and colleges placed their admission ads and show students to orient them.In the beginning of the school year revise all necessary materials with your students. Practice tests will be extracted from previous years’ entrance exams. Explain their common mistakes.Grade all test results and compare them and tell students their progress so that they will know their potential and prospects.After revising all necessary materials, practice real entrance tests creating the same duration and grading getting students to fill in the answer sheet. We know that filling in the answer sheet takes time. Be sure that your students are getting better at filling in.

Get them to grade themselves and see how they worked and revise the material.

Explain to students which tasks have more scores and concentrate on them not to lose points. Usually error recognition tasks have the most points.Teach them some techniques for working on the test. For example, remind them to work on easy ones first, then shift to harder tasks. Preferably, do not begin working on difficult tasks. They will take more time.80 minutes will go so quickly! So remind your students to work at the same speed not in a hurry. For the reading tasks you’d better  practice several times because the reading is quite long and has long sentences and a lot of new words. At first students are disappointed feeling the lack vocabulary and  time to read all of the words. After having practiced several times they will be more confident.There are some tips to work on reading.

ь  At first skim the reading.

ь  Then look at the questions and make sure to understand tasks given after the reading.

ь  Usually the main idea of any reading is in the first paragraph.

ь  Read the questions and scan the text. Underline the necessary sentences and words that can be correct ones. Then correct and choose the best answers.

ь  While working in this way your students will already understand  the whole  reading material.

ь  As for reading data, there are limited words that are quite easy to understand. If you visit Sarantsetseg’s training course at Mongolian Trade Union Palace they present these very clearly.

At the end, encourage your students and their parents as well because many students complain that their parents do not understand them and do not provide enough of a  learning environment at home.


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